Tuesday, April 29, 2014


I meant to post this on Shakespeare’s birthday. But I didn’t. You aren’t surprised, are you?

I think this might have been done (originally) for an Illustration Friday with the prompt of  “signs.” It’s the part of Julius Caesar that always stuck with me.

I had this idea to make some cool classroom signage for Shakespeare’s plays. Maybe I will have to revisit that...

What we ate.

I haven’t been drawing as much as I’d like lately. But I did attempt to keep a journal of the food I was cooking for dinner. It did’t last long because...well...I am bad at that sort of thing. I had the best intentions, and I planned on doing it all in digital watercolors because I have a nifty paintbrush for my iPad and wouldn’t that be cool. It was. For a few days. And then I stopped.

But I need to start drawing more, so I am sure I’ll try again soon. Maybe. Possibly. Probably not.