Thursday, October 23, 2014

Axe murderer.

My summer project this year was a book about dresses. I drew ten of my favorite dresses from movies and wrote a paragraph on each.

This, you may remember, is Harriet’s wedding dress in “So I Married an Axe Murderer.”

I did not remember.

I remembered the dress but not the movie. I could see that hood very clearly in my mind. I could remember to pose and the posture and the flowers and the brooch...but I could not remember where the dress was from. I convinced myself that it was from the scene in “Four Weddings and Funeral” where Andie McDowell’s character tries on a series of dresses...but it was not.

I took to googling things like “movie wedding dresses” and “hooded wedding dress” and I still could not find it. But finally I was looking at a slide show about costumes and there it was.

I still think it's an exceptionally pretty and interesting wedding dress.


Sometimes I do things like logo designs for people. And sometimes people don't really understand what makes a logo good. I would say that primarily, you want a logo to be easily recognizable at any size, especially at small sizes. In my mind, simple is better for a logo and choosing a palette of no more than three colors helps.

Sometimes people ask for a lot more. And while it might make for a cute illustration, that doesn’t mean that it makes a good logo. And I know that. But not everyone agrees.

Nonetheless, here is a cute illo that started out as a logo but got way too complicated. Still, I like her and I think she's a cute picture.