Friday, November 12, 2010


Oops. Got a little sidetracked by life there. Sorry! But I am back...from outer just walked in to find me here with

Well, since I took the week (or so) off I am making up for it by posting a few different things. First up, a rough for my cupcake book.

I am actually not that big a carrot cake fan, but if my carrot cake was delivered by a tiny fluffy bunny, I might change my mind.


I told myself that I would get a tattoo for my birthday, but I chickened out. Maybe next year. Until then, a very old image, the first of my nekkid ladies, actually. She sports part of the tattoo I have designed for myself...but I am too chicken to get...

And, as a matter of fact, she was an old “Illustration Friday” piece for the theme “Fresh”. She is titled Fresh (Ink).

Speaking of fresh. I did a quick design for a contest a while back. I was attempting to win a year of groceries from Fresh & Easy. To be honest, I think my concept was cute but I didn’t spend enough time on it. When I saw the winning designs I realized that I was so far off the mark of what they were interested in as to be ridiculous. Ah well.

That’s enough for now. Back soon!

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