Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cover girl.

Last year I did a little pin-up book for San Diego Comic-Con. It was my first time doing an ashcan style book and...I liked it. It was fun. And even better, people bought it! I actually sold quite a few and that was all kinds of awesome. The book was a collection of many of my nerdy pin-up girls with a few crying girls thrown in.  It was a nice way to show off the evolution of the nerdy girl and come up with a few more.

And here is the cover of the book...

Now, obviously, I look some liberties with the female form so that I could add the type on top. But that’s what we do with pin-up girls. Stretch them out and mold them to our will. Luckily, these aren't real girls so I don’t feel too bad if they get a little odd in their proportions. 

Anyway, I enjoyed doing this ashcan enough that I am attempting to do another. Hopefully I will have enough nerdy girls for this year’s’s getting to be that kind of panicky time again...we’ll see how it goes....

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