Friday, June 10, 2011

Tattoo You.

I am a big fan of GOOD tattoos. I am not saying I design good tattoos nor am I saying that all tattoos are good. Heck, I don’t even have a tattoo, I am too chicken. But I like me some tattoos and some tattoo flash and whatever other tattoo words I can sling around here.

Most notably, I am a fan of the work of a man called “Sailor Jerry.” I am pretty sure that if you have seen his work, it’s everywhere these days. I can't tell exactly why I like it. It’s a really unique blend of crudeness and sophistication. Of simple lines conveying interesting ideas. Sexy girls and cheeky monkeys. I don’t know. But it appeals to me on a lot of levels.

Some years ago, I wanted to draw something that was kind of a nod to the Sailor Jerry style, and I made my first nerdy girl one is tattooed with this, it's just my little homage to an artist I like. But, in truth, it didn't work for me. So I polished it up and ended up with the second image, which I’ve used for several years on jewelry, shirt and bags. It’s getting to be time for a new design, maybe I should go back to my old inspiration and revisit my concept.

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