Friday, August 26, 2011

She's Da Bomb, Pop.

Summer has finally arrived in Los Angeles. I know most of the rest of the country has had it for a while now, but our summer tends to arrive late in August and wear out it’s welcome well into October. In fact, I remember one Thanksgiving here that found me in shorts and a t-shirt and wishing I had made pumpkin ice cream instead of pumpkin pie. It happens.

And in honor of that 107 degrees that my neighborhood apparently hit today, something a little cooler is in order.

The girl riding the bomb image has become pretty iconic. I believe it was used on some nose cones of WWII planes, right? There is also that whole thing from Dr. Strangelove. But here's the thing, I don’t like that whole war vibe. And what could be less war-like than a popsicle? Well, unless you have siblings, because there will always, always be an argument over who gets the last Alexander the Grape. I always liked Little Orphan Orange, myself.


  1. that really is a nice piece if art. love the colors,

  2. maybe you could make one that shows a low sugar, fruit juice, organic ice treat... you know, for the politically correct...