Friday, September 23, 2011

Marceline the Vampire Queen, she drinks shades of red.

If you watch Adventure Time, then you know Marceline. If you don’t, then all you really need to know is that she is an axe-bass playing vampire queen who drinks shades of red and really likes her french fries (as do my fries, I’d never steal from Marceline).

What you may not know about Marceline is that she is voiced by one Olivia Olson. “Who?” you ask? Why, she was the little girl who sang, “All I Want for Christmas is You, ” in a little film called Love, Actually. Which is also notable for a role played by my one and only Alan Rickman. Know what else is notable about that film? Alan Rickman’s character is married to a woman named, of all things, Karen. Know what else? HER NEVER ONCE SAYS HER NAME IN THE WHOLE DAMN FILM! At least Liam Neeson does. But not fair.


  1. for xmas i'll see if i can find you a voice recording of mr. rickman saying "i love you, karen"...

  2. i would love you FOREVER. i can't tell you how frustrating it was watching that movie, hoping...but no.