Thursday, November 3, 2011

Angry Birds and Adventure Times.

Last year I did a series of posts for Halloween. This year...I didn’t. And it wasn’t until Halloween day itself that I even felt moved to doodle. And this is what I doodled...

He was inspired by those cupcakes that use Oreos to make the owl faces but I have no idea why he’s so angry. Maybe because I didn’t post him on Halloween. Sorry, birdie, way too busy!

And just because, here’s a girl pretending to be a boy pretending to have an adventure with a dog who is pretending he cares.

When my friend Jason showed me the pilot for Adventure Time, about a year before it finally aired, we kind of got obsessed. The ringtone on my phone may have been Finn yelling “My hat is AWESOME!” for quite some may have been. Maybe. Possibly. Most definitely.


  1. that is one cute owl. even if he is kinda angry looking.

  2. karen, i am just now delinquently catching up on your blog, because i am a terrible person.

    i LOVE that owl.