Friday, October 22, 2010

Two zombies and a monster.

I don’t particularly like zombies. Especially the gooey kind. But I can’t quite keep away from them. I posted my zombie pin-up a while back, and I posted a little hipster zombie girl and today, I even watched the un-aired pilot for Babylon Fields, which was a zombie tv show (it had great potential). And I was thinking about zombies when I went to the archives to find something to post today (this blog is a mix of new sketches, and archived stuff I’ve been collecting over the years). So these two examples of zombie art were unearthed...get it? Unearthed...

This one for a business card:

And this one for a cd cover:

I don’t think either of them were ever used. (That second zombie looks like a real stiff...that's a totally unanimated hand...hee hee!). And here are some monster feet that were never used either. These were part of a proposal for a some buttons to be used as promotion for a particular horror themed baking blog:

And you know what? I am planning on another zombie drawing before the month is out. Man, I really hate zombies...

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  1. i admit, i'm not a big zombie fan either...but your zombies - well they are ok with me.